A Lot Can Happen in a Year – Our Testimony

A lot can happen in one year. Easter 2018, Victoria Jones and Rob McWilliams, Jr. were single. Easter 2019, the two are celebrating their first year wedding anniversary and the arrival of their daughter. Rob (of Brewton, Alabama) crossed paths with Victoria (of Sweetwater, Alabama) at True Light Tabernacle’s church revival September 21, 2017 in Linden, Alabama. Victoria immediately caught Rob’s attention and he planned to introduce himself to her after the benediction.

After the service, Victoria was nowhere to be found. Rob looked around inside and out fervently but did not see where Victoria had went. He asked a woman inside for her name. The woman (unbeknown to Rob) just so happen to be Victoria’s sister in law. Armed with a name, Rob begin to search for Victoria via Facebook. He did find her and was even more impressed. The only problem was Victoria was already in a relationship. His balloon was pricked. Upon telling his sister, Rob was instructed to write her, express his interest and tell her if this relationship does not work to give him a chance. Over the next several months, the two would like each other’s statuses here and there. December 31, 2017, Victoria reached out to Rob to let him know that her current relationship had ended.

They immediately begin communicating daily via social media, text and phone. January 20, 2018, Victoria and Rob had their first official meeting and date. He got to meet Victoria’s mother and four of her six brothers on that day. “Everything was seamless,” says Rob. “It’s like I had known Victoria and her family all my life.” From then on, they begin to see each other every weekend – despite the 2.5-hour drive between the two.

March 7, 2018, Rob took off work and surprised Victoria with a date and an engagement ring. Both sides of the family where excited for the upcoming union. Everything fell into place so fast that the two were married a month later on April 7, 2018 at New Life Holiness Apostolic Church in Brewton, Alabama! Both Victoria and Rob’s pastors officiated the wedding. Nearly 300 people were present for the joyous occasion. “To God be the Glory” was the wedding’s theme.

“Our week long honeymoon took us to many beautiful places including Daytona Beach, Orlando, West Palm Beach and a cruise to the Bahamas,” explained Victoria.

Since they have been married, the couple has enjoyed traveling and encouraging other singles that true love is out there. They encourage other singles via Facebook through their Saved and Single Page. “We believe there is someone for everyone. If you stay hopeful, prayerful and faithful to God he will bless you with a spouse,” states Rob.

March 26, 2019, the couple experienced the birth of their first child, Lydia Faith. The two are proud parents and considers the child a blessing from the Lord. April 2019, the couple closed on their first home. The McWilliams has experienced many positive changes from 2018 to 2019 and they are grateful. “It is truly amazing what God can do in one year” expressed Victoria.

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